AlaF's Field trips
AlaF offers professionally conducted field trips. Such field trips are tailored for specific age groups and interests.
Field trips
Field trips offered will correspond with the current art trends (performances) and sporting season.
Youths will have an opportunity to attend art performances/art showings/exhibitions and recreational sporting events.
Survey of the Arts/Live Performances
This workshop will introduce yound adults to the broad subdivision of the art culture and the many expressive disciplines of the Arts from visual arts, fine arts, decorative arts, to performing arts. Youths will learn the terminology associated with many artistic disciplines and art forms, its origins, and thus learn how to identify and articulate a variety of art mediums. 
Survey of Alternative Sports
This workshop will explore the many divisions of alternative sports. Youths will learn the history of such sports, its rules and game play, and the sporting objectives and regulations associated with each sport. 
Youths will have an opportunity to see the Arts and alternative sports in its purest form by attending performances and competitions. It is one thing to read about the Arts and recreational sports; but to actually see performances and competitions, allows one to appreciate such activities all the more.  
Field trips $20-$50. Field trips are solely funded by donors. Field trips cost include admission, transportation to and from event, brown bag lunch, T-shirt(must be worn during field trip), and field trip workbook.
Field trip Workbook Cover
Release of Liability Form
All participants must sign a release of liability form before participating in any field trip or activity.